"Les insensibles vivent à moité."

"Insensitive people miss half of their life."

Since my young age, people kept telling me that I was "atypical" because they couldn't guess that I was creative, open minded, empathic or simply positive. 

I grew up in Paris and after graduating from high school, I studied advertising for 3 years. During my Bachelor, I worked for the advertising agency Publicis Conseil. Since the day I decided to left my hometown to explore the world and myself, It was a second birth because I truly started living.


I started my trip in 2016 in London studying Art Direction. I discovered the most creative people I've ever met. This first experience abroad was the beginning of a huge change. After 6 months of

thinking about being the most creative version of myself, thinking "outside the box", I had the opportunity to go working for one of the biggest branding agency of Israel in Tel Aviv. I did not hesitate and took the first flight to live my second most amazing experience.

There, I discovered how to think practical but good looking, how to bring our client the most simple and both strategic solution. After those 6 months in Tel Aviv having fun, I decided to continue my trip and went to San Francisco where I studied Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Instead of going clubbing with my friends, I went to explore the city and the positive mind. It was simply incredible.

Travels were a

second birth.

In San Francisco everyone will give you a chance.

People will judge you on what you have to say more than your look or the studies you've done. Even tough they all did the best universities in the world, and all work in the biggest high-tech companies. And guess what, I had the most interesting, smart conversations ever. I went to those typical pitch events at Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. I've seen people younger than me coming up on stage telling "I'm a VP for one of the biggest investment fund, and I'm 17". As you could guess, it was surprising. I learned about AI, Machine Learning, 3D Printing, Lean Startup, Design Thinking in one of the most creative place on hearth.


I realized that everything is possible but only if you believe in yourself. So I did, and applied to every job offer I could find in New York City. The Big Apple was always a dream so when I got accepted by this really sweet and ambitious startup I called my mum and told her "sorry, I'm not gonna come back for now, I still have something to do." On my way to New York, to one of

my biggest dream, I didn't realized what I already accomplished. I arrived filled with positive energy

and started working for this young fashion startup

and did my best by helping the founders finding their communication and "why".


Today, I can assure you that everything is possible. If you really want it and work hard for it, you can

conquer the world.