Being passionate is a gift.

Here's what makes me feel alive.

"Les insensibles vivent à moité."

"Insensitive people miss half of their life"


Lisa Picovschi


Photography is not only an art but a way to stop time.


I first discovered photography when I was 15. Since that day, I can't stop. That feeling when I'm holding a camera is priceless. I feel invisible, that I'm doing something meaningful. I truly believe that life is an amazing adventure and much more beautiful than any movie scenarios. So, sometimes, while walking or just meeting beautiful soul I can't hold myself, I have to stop the time for just a second, and remember this scene for ever.

If you travel you may

meet yourself.


I traveled the world and lived in 4 countries. It didn't only opened my eyes, but my heart. I've seen beautiful landscapes but the most appealing part was the meeting. Those strangers opening

their doors was a life changing experience.

I tasted their food, their air, their music, and felt truly alive. Sometimes life brings us somewhere we could have imagine and it would be a shame

to decline the invitation. 

People are the most

artistic creation.


I have always been really intrigued by people. 

I am curious and always really happy to listen to new stories.

Picturing the movement of the body, eyes, arms, lips to me is poesy. More than meeting yourself, I think that meeting your soulmate is the best experience. But before, getting to know people, their feelings, their story, is for sure, a way to exist.

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